Which Type of Whiskey you Can Drink in a Bourbon Trail Glass?


There are many types of whiskeys out there, and each one tastes differently. So which type should you drink in a Bourbon Trail glass? In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of whiskey and their corresponding glasses, so that you can pick the right one for your drinking pleasure.

What is a Bourbon Trail Glass?

A Bourbon Trail glass is a type of glass that is specifically designed to hold bourbon. The name comes from the fact that a Bourbon Trail tour typically stops at several distilleries along the route and offers visitors the opportunity to sample different bourbons in this unique glass.

Since bourbon is such a complex spirit, it’s important to use a properly designed glass in order to enjoy it correctly. A Bourbon Trail glass allows you to appreciate the depth and flavor profile of each individual whiskey while still keeping the drink contained. It’s also important to note that not all bourbons are appropriate for drinking in a Bourbon Trail glass. For example, rye whiskey is usually drunk in a rocks glass due to its spicier flavor profile.

Bourbon Trail glass


What is in a Bourbon Trail Glass?

A bourbon trail glass is a special type of glass that is designed to hold bourbon. The name comes from the fact that many bourbon trails are located in Kentucky and Tennessee, two of the most popular whisky-producing states in the United States.

A bourbon trail glass is typically made of glass, has a narrow neck and a large body, and is filled halfway with ice. This allows the drinker to get a good whiff of the whisky while it’s still relatively cold. The other half of the glass is filled with Bourbon. Some people also like to put a piece of fruit or a sugar cube in the bottom of the glass to add some sweetness and flavor.

It’s important to note that not all bourbons are compatible with all types of glasses. In general, you’re better off using a whisky tumbler or rocks glass if you’re looking for a smooth, easy drinking experience. However, if you’re looking for something more interesting and complex than plain old vodka or wine, then go for a bourbon trail glass!

How to Drink a Bourbon in a Bourbon Trail Glass?

A Bourbon Trail glass is a perfect way to enjoy a bourbon while touring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. This drinking vessel features a unique shape that allows you to sip and enjoy your bourbon while on the go. Here are four types of bourbons that can be enjoyed in a Bourbon Trail glass:

Rye Whiskey

Rye whiskey is made from a blend of rye and other grains, and is typically smoother than bourbon. It pairs well with spicy foods, making it a great choice for a Bourbon Trail glass.

Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee whiskey is made from corn, rye and malted barley, giving it a sweeter flavor than bourbon. It is also younger than bourbon, which gives it a softer taste.

Canadian Whiskey

Canadian whisky is made from a mix of rye, malted barley and corn. It has a stronger taste than bourbon, and can be enjoyed neat or over ice.


Any bourbon can be enjoyed in a Bourbon Trail glass, but some favorites include Buffalo Trace®, Jim Beam® and Maker’s Mark®.

Benefits of Using Bourbon Trail Glass in Your Party

There are many benefits to using Bourbon Trail Glasses when enjoying bourbon whiskey. One of the most important is that bourbon whiskey tastes its best in a freshly cleaned and sterilized glass. This is because bourbon whiskey is highly fragile and can quickly become oxidized if it’s exposed to other particles or liquids.

Another benefit of using Bourbon Trail Glasses is that they keep the bourbon whiskey cold longer. This is because the glass traps in colder air which reduces the chances that your drink will warm up too quickly. Additionally, using a Bourbon Trail Glass makes it easier to see the color and shape of the drink, making it easier to determine how much you’re drinking.

Finally, using a Bourbon Trail Glass helps to protect your nose when you’re trying to taste the bourbon whiskey. The wide mouth of the glass helps to disperse the smell of bourbon more evenly, which means you’ll be able to enjoy more of the flavor profile without having to fight against strong aromas.


If you’re looking to sip on your bourbon trail in style, it’s important to know the difference between Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. In order to drink bourbon in a Bourbon Trail glass, you’ll need to find a whiskey that is made in Kentucky – specifically, at the Jim Beam or Maker’s Mark distilleries. For Tennessee whiskey, you can use any type of glassware that holds liquor – as long as it isn’t too heavy for your taste. So next time you’re out enjoying a cocktail or two courtesy of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, make sure to try one (or all!) of these delicious whiskeys!

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