Where to find the best 3D logo templates?

3d logo template

Up until recently, when people talked about logos, they meant the two-dimensional representations of the company identity. But, 3D logos have slowly climbed up in popularity since they were first introduced in the late 1990s.

The 3D Logo Advantage

Many branding experts reference Apple’s use of a 3D logo as starting the trend. The company is associated with smart design, so it is understandable why its choice made quite an influence.

But, the use of these types of logos are more than just joining the bandwagon. The 3D logo is gaining more interest in the business landscape is because of its appearance. A 3D logo is a more active presence because of the way it is rendered.

They are also more expressive companions to animation. Companies are given more vivid ways to express their brand story by using moving pictures and even sound.

Its detailing truly shines when it appears in certain mediums like television or through the internet. Although its impact can be diminished in print format, 3D logos still make an impression of modernity.

However, the use of 3D logos need to consider cost. Generally, 2D logos are less expensive because they require less work to produce.

3D Templates

The cost aspect of using 3D logos can be a deterrent for some businesses. Fortunately, there are some solutions that have cropped up.

There are websites that provide customizable templates for 3D logos. The text and colors of each template can be altered to suit the preferences of the client.

As a result, people can have access to innovative design without the hefty fees associated with having to produce a product from scratch.

Where to Find 3D Logo Templates

 The internet has a range of options for logo templates. There are free options like Design Free Logo. It has thousands of premade logos to choose from. They can be customized by altering the font, color, and text.

Another resource is DesignEvo. It has over 6,000 readily available templates to choose from. Also, the site has a library of fonts that can be used to customize the appearance of the text.

Finally, there is pixellogo. This site provides 3D logo options neatly categorized for easy reference. There are Real Estate, Business and Finance, and Automotive and Transport templates. Many other industries are covered, making this site a comprehensive resource for 3D logos.

Although these sites differ in the designs they offer, the basic principle is the same. The template can be customized and then downloaded. Services range from free to having different price packages in exchange for add-ons.

When choosing a 3D template, it is important to always consider how it relates to the messaging of the company. It is not enough that the logo looks good, it has to say something about the company.

The use of 3D logos can make quite an impression for a company, especially one that is new or readying to scale up. It looks polished. It looks fresh. It can influence people into associating the brand with professionalism.

Whether the company uses the 3D logo as the primary branding concept or a complement to an existing 2D logo, these 3D template logos make for a practical option.