9 Useful Tips And Tricks For Your iPhone In Vancouver

Are you looking for some useful tips and tricks for your iPhone in Vancouver? You’ve arrived on the right page. Cell Clinic is going to share some useful iPhone features that even iPhone users probably aren’t even aware of.

iPhone models are undoubtedly one of the best-looking smartphones with advanced features. Whether for appearance, features or functionality, iPhone devices are made to impress. But we are not here to discuss iPhone’s appearance or history but rather what you can actually do on it. Here are 9 useful tips for your iPhone in Vancouver to help you get more from your smartphone.

1 – Take Photos Using Your Headphone Cord

If you love clicking photos with your iPhone, then this one’s for you. If “shaky hands” is the reason you’re not able to capture quality and beautiful photos with your iPhone then you can trigger a snapshot using volume up and down buttons on your headphone. It will help you capture good quality photos and avoid blurry and shaky effects.

2 – Use Emoji Shortcuts

Emojis are something that express our emotions and feelings in the best way possible. Well, most of the iPhone users find it really annoying to switch virtual keyboard repeatedly. So, here is the trick to type emojis using alphabet shortcuts.

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone and then follow the instructions as mentioned below:
General >> Keyboard>> Keyboards>> Add New Keyboard>> Emoji.
Step 2: Now get back to the Settings page and then again follow the instructions as mentioned below:
General >> Keyboard>> Add New Shortcut…..
Step 3: Next, insert phrase for the emoji that you use frequently.
Step 4: Now insert text in “Shortcut” that you want to convert to that particular emoji.
That’s it. You’re now all set to type an emoji using alphabet shortcuts.

3 – Format Your Email Content On Your iPhone

Do you know that you can format email content when writing them on your iPhone? All you need to do is highlight the text that you want to format and then tap on the options arrow to get “B/U” button. Just tap on the button and select the format you want for your email content: italics, underline, bold.

4 – Send Multiple Pictures At Once

We all send photos in messages and email, and it’s quite annoying to add and send photos one by one. So, here is trick to send multiple pictures at once.

Step 1: Start by following the below instructions:
Photos >> Select Album >> Edit
Step 2: Now select all the photos that you want to send and then tap on “Share.”
Step 3: Next, tap on “Copy” to copy all the selected photos to the clipboard.
Step 4: Now go to “Messages” and compose your message. Press on the space where you write your message for around 3 seconds, and you will get the option to paste all the selected photos.

That’s it. You’ve successfully sent multiple photos at once from your iPhone device.

5 – Activate Alphanumeric Passcode

If you want to add an extra layer of protection on your iPhone device then activating alphanumeric passcode can be a wise decision. Here is how to enable it.

Step 1: Go to Settings app on your iPhone and then get into “General.”
Step 2: There you will see “Passcode Lock” option. Just click on it and disable the “Simple Passcode.”
Step 3: Next, you will be asked to define an alphanumeric password. Just enter the password and save the setting.
That’s it. You’ve successfully activated alphanumeric passcode on your iPhone.

6 – Disable Message Preview On Your iPhone

It’s quite annoying when someone (especially your mom, dad, brother, sister and friends) accidentally read incoming SMS alerts when your iPhone is left unattended. If you don’t want anyone to read your private messages through SMS alerts then here is how to disable the “message preview” on your iPhone.

Step 1: Go to Settings app on your iPhone and then get into the Notification menu.
Step 2: There you will see “Messages,” click on it and turn the option “Show Preview” off.

That’s it. It’s one of the most useful tips and tricks for your iPhone in Vancouver to ensure better privacy and protection for all the information that you receive through SMS?

7 – Enable Text-To-Speech On Your iPhone

Do you want your iPhone to read out an article for you? Or, are you interested in learning the pronunciation of some new words? If yes then this one is another tip among useful tips and tricks for your iPhone in Vancouver that can help you.

Follow the below instructions: Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Speak Selection
That’s it. Now simply turn On the option and adjust the speaking rate. Now visit any website, touch and hold the text or sentences that you want your iPhone to read. Once you highlight the text area, tap on “Speak Button,” and that’s it.

This feature is not limited to websites only; it also works efficiently with documents and word files that you’ve stored on your iPhone device.

8 – Disable Read Receipts

iMessage is undoubtedly the best messaging tool that iPhone users have got. Read receipt allows iPhone users to see whether the recipient has seen their message or not. Well, if you don’t want your friends or family to know whether you’ve read their message or not, you can simply disable it. Here is how to do it.

Follow the instruction as mentioned below: Settings >> Messages >> Send Read Receipts >> Turn Off – That’s it. Your family and friends will no longer be able to see the read recipients for messages that they send you.

9 – Use Timer To Shut Down The Music

Many iPhone users enjoy music when getting into the bed for the night. But, the majority of iPhone music lovers often doze off without shutting down the music. If that’s your story too, then this one is another hack among useful tips and tricks for your iPhone in Vancouver to make your life easier. The idea here is to use a timer to shut down the music automatically after a defined time. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Follow the instructions as mentioned below:
Clock >> Time >> When Timer Ends.
Step 2: Now scroll down and select Stop Playing.
Step 3: You need to define time here (Say 1 hour) and tap on “Start” button. That’s it. Now you can play your favourite music, and it will get automatically shut down after 1 hour.
We hope you enjoyed reading this post about useful tips and tricks for your iPhone in Vancouver – and that it helped you to get familiar with some hidden features that you probably weren’t aware of. Follow Cell Clinic Ltd on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to read similar informative and entertaining articles about smartphones.

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