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A workplace injury or illness can place a lot of financial and emotional stress on both you and your family. The Workers Comp system was introduced to provide fair and timely compensation for injured workers.

Making sure you receive the best Workers Comp legal advice can help to reduce that stress while ensuring you receive all the benefits you are entitled to.

Even if you feel your situation appears relatively simple and straightforward, there may be benefits available which neither you or your employer are aware of. Talking to an expert in Workers Compensation can help you to understand the requirements and entitlements of your individual situation.


If you are injured in the workplace, minimum entitlements should include:

  • Covering the cost of all medical bills directly related to the workplace injury.
  • Payment of temporary disability benefits for any injury which prevents you from working for longer than three days.
  • In the case of longer-term total or partial impairment, permanent disability benefits may be awarded.
  • Retraining benefit where your injury will permanently prevent you from returning to your previous position or duties.
  • Access to further benefits in certain circumstances, including payment to a surviving family member in the event of death.

Can You Represent Yourself?

You may be able to represent yourself in a minor case where your injury is of a relatively straightforward or temporary nature, the employer has admitted the injury occurred in or was a direct result of activities in the workplace, the employer’s insurance company accepts the claim, and all benefits are paid on time.

However, a lawyer specializing in Workers Compensation will ensure you are fully aware of your rights and entitlements and assist you with completing all required forms and meeting all deadlines for information.

Workers Compensation

How Do I Find an Attorney Specializing in Workers Compensation?

If any of these things are causing you concern, or you are facing any discrimination from your employer or fellow employees, obtaining Workers Compensation legal advice from an independent professional is highly recommended. There are a number of things you can do to make sure you are receiving the best advice available, including:

  • Asking for recommendations from trusted friends and co-workers
  • Search online for specialist firms in your area, paying particular attention to testimonials
  • Using any free consultation offer to thoroughly question the prospective lawyer about their history, references, and charges – remember the lawyer works for you, so treat the initial visit as an interview

Many Workers Compensation claims are able to be settled without going to court. A Workers Comp lawyer will gather all required evidence, negotiate with the employer’s insurance company, and draft a settlement agreement. If you are unable to reach a mutually agreed settlement, the lawyer will then prepare all information for trial.

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