Neck Pain

Athletes, no matter the sport, take a pounding on their bodies. The constant and intense movement, stretching and hits an athlete takes can have a significant impact on their necks causing neck pain that may become chronic. An athlete may decide that seeking a Chiropractor for neck pain is their best option.

There are different ways a neck can become injured during a sports activity that a Chiropractor for neck pain in West Bloomfield, MI can treat. The athlete may suffer from a disc injury due to a hard hit, or tackle. They may also suffer hyperextension, or hyperflexion which can cause them to strain or sprain their neck. These injuries can be treated by a Chiropractor for neck pain, alongside any traditional treatment they may also be receiving.

Anyone, not just an athlete who plays sports regularly should seek treatment for neck pain if they experience the following pain that doesn’t let up within a few days of the injury, shooting pains in their limbs, pain associated with numbness or tingling, and an injury that affects your ability to control your bowels. These can be signs of a serious condition and should not be ignored.

Disc Injury

A disc injury to the neck that causes chronic pain can occur when the athlete takes a hard blow to their neck that damages the spine or the soft tissue around it. This sounds frightening but with proper treatment and therapy, like the kind given by a Chiropractor, can help to heal the injury, so the athlete has full use of their neck again.


Hyperextension occurs when an athlete takes a hit or fall that causes their neck to be flung backward farther than it is designed to go. It’s sometimes referred to as a whiplash injury.


Hyperflexion occurs when the head is flung forward further than it can normally. This can result in similar injuries to the neck and spine. Both hyperextension and hyperflexion can cause injury to the soft tissue, such as muscles and ligaments, around the spinal column in the neck and result in pain that can be long-lasting. The injured athlete may treat this pain with a combination of traditional medicine, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and chiropractic.

A Chiropractor for neck pain will treat the injury itself with gentle flexion and manipulation of the cervical spine to return it to its full use. As always, chiropractic work should be done by a trained and licensed professional. Additional injuries may occur if it’s attempted by someone who is not properly trained and licensed.

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