Batteries for Medical Carts

In the medical field, there is little time to run around looking for a place to recharge a computer cart, let alone to find another that is already fully charged and ready to use in the meantime. Hot-swap battery technology was created in the early 2000s to solve this problem.

A hot-swappable battery is one that can be replaced without turning off or interrupting usage of the device. For medical applications, this type of battery is used on medical carts. Rather than plugging in or turning off the computer to change a battery, one can easily be swapped for another without interruption. As a bonus, a hot-swap battery can be changed out easily without having to get the IT department involved.

Some common complaints from medical staff regarding the use of hot-swap technology include:

  • the minimal amount of time a charge lasts
  • the high cost of having to replace batteries often
  • the need for special tools to swap out batteries

One solution to the above problems is the patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCP).

FMCP is a modern hot swap battery system for today’s bustling medical field. The FMCP uses the innovative LIFE PO4 battery. The LIFE PO4 battery can be charged while directly on the cart. Each unit can hold two batteries at a time, so one could be powering the devices while the other is charging, and vice versa. Another benefit to the FMCP is that it is capable of charging just about any device used in a hospital, so it is not only efficient but convenient as well.

The FMCP hot swap battery provides six to ten hours of usage for each charge of the unit, and it fully recharges in two hours. Swapping out an entire unit for another fully charged one can be done in just minutes. The LIFE PO4 batteries not only hold a longer charge than other batteries on the market, but they also have an extended life of up to seven to ten years, with a five-year warranty.

The medical staff has expressed concern over the weight of batteries, as well as the distracting noises that a dying battery can make. With the FMCP, the hot-swappable batteries weigh only eight pounds each. Any medical professional can lift one with ease.

There are no annoying beeps, either. The FMCP displays the battery life on a small visual display. The color of the display changes from green to yellow when there is one hour of battery life remaining, and then to a flashing yellow when there are only 20 minutes left.

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In addition to offering efficiency and convenience, the FMCP will save money as well.  The LIFE PO4 batteries have an extended lifespan, and Scott-Clark will retrofit the FMCP to existing medical carts so that there is no need to spend money on new carts. For anyone looking for a progressive hot swap battery solution, the FMCP is the way to go.

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