Bronchitis Anatomy Concept

Bronchitis is a common respiratory disease, and during your lifetime, it is likely you’ll suffer from it at least once. Inflammation of the bronchi appears in two types: acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. The first usually lasts two to three weeks, while the second can last anywhere from three months to one year.

Can’t think of any natural treatments for bronchitis? We’re here to help.

Natural remedies for bronchitis


Turmeric is one of the most effective natural remedies for bronchitis and has been used to treat various pathologies since ancient times. Turmeric comes in powder form, and it’s simple to prepare – dilute half a teaspoon of turmeric in half a glass of warm milk. For best results, consume at least three times a day.


For many years, onion and garlic have been used in a variety of home remedies to treat numerous diseases. Onion is a natural expectorant, and it helps to expel mucus and prevents the formation of new deposits which makes it an excellent source of relief from bronchitis.

Onion And Medicinal Juice

Take a tablespoon of onion juice every day. Even if you do not suffer from bronchitis, this remedy prevents bronchitis during the winter months, when the disease is most common.

• Thyme
Combined with primrose root, thyme is effective in moderately reducing the duration and intensity of symptoms associated with bronchitis. Thyme rids the body of mucus, helps the lungs fight infection, and acts as a shield against bacteria. Infuse 1 g to 2 g of dried thyme in 150 ml of boiling water for ten minutes. Drink several cups a day, as needed.

• Honey
Honey is a natural remedy with many medicinal properties and is powerful in treating a cough associated with bronchitis. Packed with antibacterial and antiviral properties, it reduces inflammation in the throat and soothes at the same time. Add a teaspoonful of honey in your herbal tea and drink at least twice a day. It’s beneficial for your entire immune system.

• Ginger

Ginger is effective in treating bronchitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It treats irritation and inflammation of the lungs. Drinking ginger tea is one of the best recommendations for fighting bronchitis.

Massage against bronchitis

Massage is another wonderful natural option to help relieve the symptoms of bronchitis. Lymphatic drainage is recommended for the natural treatment of bronchitis, especially bronchial asthma. Massaging techniques involve a gentle manual pressure – circular or spiral. Through massage, a trained therapist restores the fluid balance in the body, helping to alleviate, the symptoms and speed recovery.

When bronchitis strikes, try one of these natural remedies for bronchitis to treat this common respiratory disease without medication.

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