While every dentist wants to ensure that each patient receives a high-quality restoration that will last for a very long time, it is also advisable to make sure each patient’s expectations are properly addressed. Patients need to be made aware that every dental restoration in Eau Claire WI requires proper ongoing maintenance and that eventually, they will need to be replaced.

Doing so avoids any unfortunate miscommunications during which patients believe their new crown or bridge will last for life, regardless of how they treat it. Following are some considerations when choosing your dental restoration.

Evaluating the Health of the Tooth or Abutment Teeth: In addition to managing patient expectations, it is also important to ensure that the soft tissues are strong and healthy before treating the harder tissues. Failures in dental restorations in Eau Claire WI are often traced back to a lack of periodontal support.

The idea of placing a crown on a tooth is to preserve the remains of a tooth, and avoid the need for endodontic treatment or retreatment in the future. Normally, the prime indications for replacing missing teeth are aesthetics, comfort, function, and stability.

Determining the Shade: From the patient’s point of view, aesthetics is often their major reason for seeking treatment. This means that the responsibility is on the dentist to provide a suitable dental restoration that looks cosmetically pleasing.

One important factor in ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result is the selection of a custom shade; this can be challenging because each individual’s perception of color differs slightly. Digitally determining the shade is always useful, but it is also important to make sure the shade is chosen in a well-lit room with plenty of natural light.

Luckily, a patient who is replacing older restorations will notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of their teeth. Modern porcelains can closely replicate natural teeth, and all-ceramic restorations simulate the translucency and shimmer found in dental enamel.

Function and Its Effect on the Shape or Size of a Dental Restoration in Eau Claire WI: The cosmetic appearance of a crown or bridge can sometimes be affected by its function, which will help determine the overall shape and size. Discussing this can make a difference in making sure that your expectations about appearance are realistic. This can be especially important when a tooth is being crowned specifically for cosmetic reasons.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Dental Restoration: Choosing the right materials for your restoration will help ensure that the procedure is successful. Factors that need to be considered include the location of the tooth to be restored, the amount of space available, and the patient’s expectations. Today, choices are no longer limited to full cast crowns, although these are still a very good option.

The experience of the technician fabricating the restoration also makes a considerable difference, as extensive knowledge is required to be able to correctly utilize the wide range of materials available. Without this knowledge and experience, it can be very difficult to correctly replicate a custom shade.

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