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Ear infections are some of the most painful ear conditions that a person can experience.

While we typically associate ear infections with infants and young children, it is a fact that people of any age can experience this painful condition.

Otitis media is an infection of the inner ear, while otitis externa refers to an infection and inflammation of the ear canal itself. One example of otitis externa is what is commonly referred to as swimmer’s ear, while most pediatric ear infections are of the otitis media variety.

In reality, what makes an ear infection so painful is not the infectious process itself, but instead the inflammation and associated swelling that results from infection. The swelling puts disproportionate pressure on the structure of the inner ear, which is why it is so painful.

Fortunately for anyone who has themselves had an ear infection or had a child or other loved one with an infected ear, this condition is easily treatable and should not cause any long-lasting pain or discomfort once it has been resolved.

Medical Treatment of Ear Infections

There are several standard medical treatments of ear infections that a physician, nurse practitioner or other health care provider may recommend or prescribe if you are experiencing an ear infection.

The recommended treatment will depend on if the ear infection is bacterial or viral in nature since bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics while viral infections are not. This may involve taking oral antibiotics in pill form or being prescribed ear drops in a dropper that you will have to instill into your or your loved one’s ear canal.

Usually, if you see a doctor for an ear infection, he or she will prescribe either an antibacterial or an antiviral ear infection medication. The doctor may also recommend you take an over the counter pain relief medication such as acetaminophen.

Alternative Ear Infection Treatments

A number of alternative ear infection remedies exist that have great efficacy in treating the pain associated with any type of ear infection.

These can include the application of warm or cold compresses and chewing gum, both of which can help to relieve the pressure that inflammation causes within the ear.

Another includes chiropractic adjustment, which has a great degree of efficacy in treating ear conditions.

How Chiropractic Treats Ear Infections

As it turns out, chiropractic care is among the more effective ear infection remedies that is available today, comparable to the use of antibiotics or other medications.

Using manual realignment of subluxations in the spine, a qualified chiropractor can resolve problems with the innervation of the ear canal and related structures to improve the overall health of this important region of the body.

Whatever ear infection medication or other treatment you choose, be sure to follow up with your care provider if you are still experiencing pain in the ear.

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