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Advances in technology have propelled us forward in science, medicine, and electronics. The effects are far-reaching and impact us all—right down to the types of storage that are now readily available for warehouses, offices, and factories.

Stationary shelves, wire racks, and bulky storage bins are standard storage options that work well enough for some companies. However, for many businesses storage space is at a premium. Getting the most efficient use out of your storage real estate is a top priority.

Today’s high density storage systems are mobile and compact. High density storage allows maximum storage in minimal space. These systems allow massive quantities of merchandise to be stored as densely as possible.

But how does a company choose which type of storage is right for them?

What Types of High Density Storage Systems Are Available?

There are three basic types of high density storage options, with slight variations available to meet specific needs. These include:

  • Sliding Shelving
  • Compact Racks
  • High Density Shelves

Sliding shelves are shelving systems built on tracks that allow them to be moved or compacted as needed. These are a great option for storing items of varying heights and widths because items can be stacked as needed. Then, shelves slide apart or together to provide easy access to all items on the shelves.

Compact racks are mobile rack units that hold a high volume of product. The racks can be compacted to provide maximum storage space for heavy, bulky, or large materials. These high density rack systems are ideal for warehouses or factories that are storing a lot of product.

High density shelves are installed on tracks to allow them to be moved forward or backward at will. They are arranged in a way that allows easy access without taking up the space of traditional shelves. These shelves are built in straight rows, and they’re great for storing uniform products or items that are all the same height and width, such as boxes or files.

Which Is Right for Me?

Ask yourself which type of materials you need to store. If you are a warehouse looking to store high volumes of materials, compact racks are likely your best option. Sliding shelves could be right for you if you’re storing mismatched boxes, oddly shaped products, and other supplies of varying heights. And high density shelves are a great option if you’re a lab or doctor’s office who stores shelves full of filing boxes.

Working with a professional who can help answer any questions you have can give you peace of mind that you’re getting the high density system that’s right for you. These companies provide high density storage systems for sale online as a trusted partner who can assure you’re receiving the best products available today.

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