reverse tanto knife

If you’re looking for a new blade, consider a reverse tanto knife. These blades have many of the benefits of a proper tanto knife with a few modifications that give it more versatility.

There are many things to consider when buying a new knife, and to find a reverse tanto knife for sale online there are a few things to remember. The reverse tanto tip isn’t as common as a drop point, and finding a quality one can take a bit of searching.

Main features of the reverse tanto

To properly understand the benefits, first we need to take a look at the differences between the traditional tanto knife tip and the reverse tanto tip.

A traditional tanto blade is based on the style of Japanese swords and knives. The tip sweeps up and back at a sharp angle. This creates a stronger tip. The tanto knife follows this design, just in a much shorter blade. The main problem is that there is very little belly (cutting edge) meaning it’s more limited in daily usage.

The reverse tanto knife has a tip that angles forward instead of back. This allows more of a curve to the belly while still keeping the tip strong. The back edge (the flat side) is nice and thick, giving the blade added strength and durability. It has all the advantages of the tanto with the added benefit of greater flexibility in its uses.

If you look for a smaller company that designs their knives in-house and you could find a few modifications, such as a flared tip. This allows for better cutting, making the knife better, and more exceptional, for day to day tasks.

Benefits of the tanto knife tip

The high point, combined with the flat grind of the blade, makes it perfect for piercing hard materials. Originally designed to pierce armor, the tanto and reverse tanto are used mainly for tactical purposes today.

Military, law enforcement and EMTs are some who would use a reverse tanto knife daily. For an everyday carry that will last, this knife is perfect, particularly for those who live in rural areas and need a strong knife for any situation.

This design, whether the traditional tanto or the reverse, has an extremely strong point. It is much sturdier than either the clip or drop point, and a reverse tanto gives greater control in cutting, much like the clip point.

The Seadog Reverse Tanto Clipper combines all the best features in a sturdy, useful design.

What to look for when buying online

When looking for a reverse tanto knife for sale online, there are a few things to consider. Mainly, that the seller is reputable and reliable. Keep in mind the quality of the metal used, and how it’s made.

It’s best to look for smaller companies, especially ones who keep their designing in-house. Read reviews to see what past customers think of the company and check to see who, exactly, those customers are. If major buyers are people in careers like law enforcement or EMTs, you know you’re buying a quality knife at affordable prices.

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