medication carts for hospitals

Medication carts have many advantages over other methods of medication transportation and administration in a medical environment. Using a medication cart allows for safe and timely medication administration matched with a reduced incidence of medication errors.

1. Safety for Nurses

Medication carts provide, both for nurses and care providers, safety in ways that other methods of medication administration cannot. For example, medication carts that incorporate sharps containers reduce the incidence of needlestick injuries among healthcare providers who administer intravenous, intramuscular, or subcutaneous injections.

2. Reduction of Time Spent Moving from Place to Place

One of the primary advantages of using medication carts for hospitals on wheels is that they save valuable nurse time in the administration of medications. Instead of having to constantly visit the medication preparation area, the nurse can go from room to room directly. This saves time and valuable minutes spent on unnecessary transit. Any medication cart that is mounted on wheels allows for this type of flexibility.

3.Reduction of Medication Errors and Allergic Reactions

Medication carts allow the transport of medications to the patient’s bedside at the same time as the medication administration record and the record of a patient’s known allergies. Whether with electronical storage or on top of the medication cart itself. Often, medication carts are outfitted with scanners for medications, patient identification bands, and allergy bands. Scanning these can reduce the incidence of medication errors related to dose and timing as well as administration of a medication that a patient is allergic to.

4. Security of Controlled Substances

Medication carts that are wheeled and portable can be outfitted with locking drawers that ensure the security of controlled substances such as benzodiazepines and narcotic substances. This feature helps hospital units to stay compliant with the FDA requirements for storage of controlled substances and keep other patients and visitors in the hospital safe. What’s more, it still allows these medications to be easily accessed and given by nursing staff when they are needed.

5. Lifespan and Durability

One underrated advantage of medication carts is that they are constructed from the highest possible quality of materials. These include stainless steel, other high-quality lightweight metals, and bacteria-resistant plastics. When well-maintained, these carts can last for decades into the future.

medication cart

6. Customizability

Medication carts have one advantage that sets them apart from the rest: they are endlessly customizable and can be custom-designed with peripherals that meet the exact needs of any hospital or patient care unit.

If you want your medication carts to be outfitted for vital signs monitoring and have blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximetry capabilities, this is easy to accomplish. Similarly, if you require medication documentation capabilities or any other type of chart holder or scanner, this can be incorporated into all types of medication carts for hospitals.

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